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Terms & Conditions


The Terms defined and used herein shall have the following meanings shown next to them:

  • “Application” – the process completed and submitted by the applicant, in order to become a member of the Syo Rewards.

  • “Membership” – Account created for the Syo Rewards loyalty programme

  • “Transaction” – Transaction effected by Member at any participating restaurants.

  • “Participating Restaurants” – Includes all outlets from the following brands: SEORAE Korean Charcoal BBQ, Bulgogi Syo Korean BBQ Restaurant, POCHA! Korean Street Dining and Namu Bulgogi which acknowledge and accept Syo Rewards member benefits.

  • “We, us, our, Seonggong” – Seonggong Pte Ltd, Seonggong Prestige Pte Ltd & Seonggong Affluent Pte Ltd.

  • “You, your, member, account” – the person who applied for Syo Rewards membership and/or whose member’s account belongs to.


  • Applicant may apply for membership via the Syo Rewards web application (, registration is complimentary.

  • Applicant must be at least 16 years of age at point of application.

  • By accessing the Syo Rewards web application or application of membership constitutes your consent to be bound by the Terms & Conditions herein.


  • Each member will be issued with 1 membership account which is unique and non-transferrable. Member shall not create multiple accounts using different email addresses or credentials and Seonggong has the right to terminate or suspend all related accounts without prior notice if such activity is detected.

  • The applicant may at his discretion choose to opt-in for communications from Seonggong via email and/or mobile upon sign-up.

  • Membership will start from the date of Membership activation upon Seonggong’s processing of your application details. Member may only start to earn K-Won upon successful activation of the membership account. Transactions with purchase date earlier than the time of membership activation will not be eligible to earn K-Won.

  • Members shall be responsible for the safekeeping of their membership account details and for all activities or transactions made on their account.


  • Members must accrue their K-Won in person and applies strictly to transactions made by member only. Seonggong has the right to request for proof of membership for validation if required.

  • K-Won will not be retroactively credited after completion of any transaction where members have failed to present membership information prior to conducting and completing the said transaction.

  • Every $1 spend at participating outlets will entitle member to $1 K-Won.

  • K-Won accumulation may be cancelled or deducted at Seonggong’s sole discretion.

  • K-Won earned do not have any monetary value, and can only be used to redeem rewards listed in the Syo Rewards Rewards Catalogue.

  • K-Won earned or rewards redeemed cannot be transferred to another party, refunded or exchanged for cash or other items, in part or in full, at any time. K-Won accumulated will expire 9 months from the date of transaction. Members may check their upcoming K-Won expiry in their web application account. Any unused K-Won will automatically expire or be forfeited upon the expiry date regardless whether the Member has received prior notice. Any request for extension will not be entertained.

  • We may from time to time, amend the exchange rate, use and validity period of K-Won.


  • Members agree that we shall be entitled to disclose personal particulars to the cooperatives and the organizations affiliated or related to us.

  • Members agree to allow us to use their contact details and personal particulars registered to your account in order to facilitate membership benefits and entitlements. Do read more on the Privacy Policy on our website.


  • Members may, at any time, terminate the membership via email to

  • In the event of any termination, membership expiry will be as of date of termination.

  • The account may be terminated in the event of any breach of the terms and conditions contained herein.

  • We reserve the rights to terminate the membership if found to be shared by members and his/her family and friends etc. Members are to keep their membership information and details confidential at all times.

  • Upon termination of the membership either by the member or by us, member shall not attempt to use the account, such act shall be deemed as fraudulent.

  • Upon the termination of cancellation of the membership for whatever reasons, all e-Vouchers and benefits will be forfeited and member shall have no further claim against us.



  • Membership is the sole property of Seonggong Pte Ltd, Seonggong Prestige Pte Ltd & Seonggong Affluent Pte Ltd.

  • Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, if the Rewards and/or Benefits have been wrongfully or fraudulently redeemed, the member shall be liable to refund us the value of the said Rewards and/or Benefits without dispute.

  • Any dispute on the Rewards and/or the Benefits shall be notified to us and/or its Agents within 30 days from the date the dispute had taken place.

  • We reserve all rights to amend any privilege or condition without prior notice. All terms and conditions of Rewards and Benefits will be updated time to time or when required.

  • We are entitled at any time, in its absolute discretion without liability to you, to suspend or terminate your right to use the membership, to refuse the renewal of the membership should any of the conditions and privileges be abused.

  • The member shall indemnify and hold us and its Agents harmless from and against any liability or loss, penalty, damage, costs and expenses, including but not limited to legal costs, arising directly or indirectly from any breach on the part of the member in complying or observing these Terms and Conditions or in otherwise using the account or recovery of any outstanding amounts due from the member.

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